Welcome to the DrugMarketInfo.com blog. DrugMarketInfo.com reports offer current U.S. drug market data & patients’ perspectives in ready-to-use PowerPoint slides, with every sale supporting Patient Advocacy Groups. On this blog, you’ll find a mix of information about the diseases that we cover, from patient stories to breaking news to activities we find interesting and think you might be interested in, too.

A little about DrugMarketInfo.com and the Patient Perspective:

Drug Market Info was founded by experienced pharmaceutical professionals who recognized the need for current, crisp, easy-to-follow market information that can be customized to address specific company needs and questions.

Drug Market Info is also the only source of market information that delivers the patient perspective! We believe that to truly evaluate markets, it is important to understand patients and their views of the disease and therapies. With Drug Market Info reports, you get a deck of ready-to-use slides that provide a comprehensive understanding of the market highlighted by patient viewpoints on relevant issues. This is one of the many important things that differentiate us from other market research report providers.

Our focus on patients extends beyond our reports to partnering with patient advocacy groups in the markets we have studied. These groups have generously shared patient feedback and perspectives so we can include this information and insight for you. In return, we support these outstanding groups and the patients they serve by donating a percentage of the revenue from each report we sell. With each Drug Market Info report you buy, you not only gain an understanding of just what patients face, you also support them.

We encourage your participation in our blog, and please feel free to contact any of us at any time.


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