Why do a Market Info Report on Cystic Fibrosis?

With all of the therapeutic areas where we could focus, I guess the natural question comes up why Drug Market Info would do a report on cystic fibrosis (CF). After all, the big markets like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer could be easily covered and would appeal to a larger audience. Cystic Fibrosis in this realm is tiny. With only 30,000 patients it would almost appear insignificant and falls well below the threshold of what is considered an orphan disease (<200,000 patients). Once again, we ended up being fascinated with this disease. For one thing it touched us personally. One of my best friends from college died of CF. She was a spitfire and truly lived each day as if it counted and…it did.

We also had done some work in this area by trying to help a start-up biotech company get prepared for the launch of their first drug which was for cystic fibrosis. We, of course, became totally intrigued. The disease is challenging, heart wrenching and so far incurable. The patients and their families have an indomitable spirit that we have never seen the likes of! What a beautiful (and handsome) group of patients—you can’t find a CF patient that isn’t totally adorable—both inside and out. We still don’t know or understand what makes these patients so attractive but all you need to do is look at some of the patient photographs in our report, Cystic Fibrosis Market Info™, to know what we say is true.

This disease is hopeful despite the fact that the life span of CF patients is short. The good news is they are living longer (now almost half live over the age of 18) and there are at least 30 drugs being tested in the clinic for CF. Not bad for a tiny orphan disease. Each CF patient has their own story to tell and each is as different as they can be. We talked to a father of 2 CF children, not that different in age, but they both were on each end of the spectrum as far as how their disease affected them. We want companies developing drugs to understand this and at least have a peek inside what the CF patients think about the disease and what would make a difference in their lives. It’s why we make Patients’ Perspectives one of the three sections of each and every Drug Market Info Report.

The Cystic Fibrosis market is not well-studied. The last market report we could identify was published in mid-2010, which means it was probably written a year earlier. To our way of thinking this is dated information. At Drug Market Info we like to provide the most current full year market data and all of our information is sourced and cited with the latest references (and reviewed by a leading clinician). Markets change quickly and this market is set to explode with so many drugs in clinical trials and Vertex just filing one.

Again, as with some of our other reports, we believe this market is too often overlooked from a drug development perspective in the pulmonary area. Companies are going after COPD, asthma and all of the “big” indications. But wouldn’t it make sense to do something really wonderful and make it easy for a CF patient to breathe or have less risk of infection? Even the enzymes these patients take every day could be easily improved to make life and pill taking just little bit easier for them.

What do you think? Cystic Fibrosis Market Info is a thorough and extensive report that will provide all of the insights you need to understand this market. In addition, we have partnered with the Boomer Esiason Foundation—what a great organization that is making a difference for patients! Each report you buy generates a donation to them which will help CF patients.

Mary Beth Cicero


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